Use this simple 5-part structure to publish more often

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Do you want to write more but have a hard time knowing where to start?

Well, you’re not alone. The writing process creates certain roadblocks that can slow down even the best writers. From choosing the right topic to finding a working title, it’s a science.

Possibly the largest leap…

We can’t tell each other to take better care of ourselves if we don’t have a process in place to do it

Black woman in white bathtub with water and bubbles
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When I was in college, self-care was actually talked about a lot. Student wellness groups, peer advisors, and even post-exam mental health checkups were pretty common. Looking back, I was lucky to have an on-campus community that took self-care seriously.

Still, I was unimpressed.

The issue wasn’t that I didn’t…

Sales are skyrocketing! Here’s what you need to know about Instagram Shop.

Woman entrepreneur taking selfie to post on Instagram
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Instagram Shop has become the main feature your business should explore in the new year. Instagram, with over 800 million active users, has a tremendous impact on e-commerce and brand exposure. This enables businesses to move from a large number of followers to actual commerce sales faster than ever before…

#3 is the most overlooked and will kill your engagement

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Are you a blogger, business owner, or entrepreneur that uses Instagram? Chances are you use Instagram to promote your brand and grow your following. However, I’ve found that far too many accounts neglect the importance of posting the right content when growing their account.

It’s weird, right?

We share pictures…

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