Instagram Checklist: 5 Points to Remember Before You Post

#3 is the most overlooked and will kill your engagement

Divad Sanders
3 min readDec 8, 2021


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Are you a blogger, business owner, or entrepreneur that uses Instagram? Chances are you use Instagram to promote your brand and grow your following. However, I’ve found that far too many accounts neglect the importance of posting the right content when growing their account.

It’s weird, right?

We share pictures of our products and expect the world to come rushing at our doors. But it rarely ever goes that way. At least not without some basic knowledge.

Instagram is not like TikTok. There is no charm to the low-quality video or badly lip-synced sketch. Let’s face it, Instagram requires you to be a little more “buttoned-up”. From high image resolution, to captions, to hashtags, there is more that goes into crafting engaging content.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have time to try the latest insta-gimmick, I have some pro tips for growing your account that won’t require too much of your valuable time.

Remember these five things before each and every post so your profile reflects the authentic brand that you want to portray online. Here’s what you need to start posting like an expert:

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1.) Keep Your Images Clear and Crisp

Every post you make gives the audience a glimpse into your brand and what you’re all about. Make it count. Make sure your photos are not grainy. Use lighting in your videos to account for camera quality. Open the shades and grab some sunlight if you need it.

2.) Tag Your Location

Instagram’s search feature is getting better. Add a location to increase your exposure and profile views. Posts with a location receive more engagement than those without. This doesn’t have to be your home address but give people a sense of where you are from or where your business operates.

3.) Use my Five-Point Caption Strategy



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